Validations in ruby ​​on rails help us to filter information from a form in order to store it in our database. By correctly validating and setting up our forms, we can ensure that only relevant data is going to be saved.

An example of this is when you are going to fill out an online form and the page does not allow you to submit the questionnaire until you correctly fill out certain fields, such as not leaving empty spaces, using numbers instead of letters, etc. …

I grew up thinking that the workings of any technological gadget were magic. Just like how ancient civilizations used to invent gods and myths to explain the natural phenomena around them, I grew up believing in works of the gods like “computers” and myths like “computers are smart and therefore they work.”

I wasn’t able to see that behind a computer lies code, or more importantly a programmer. However, some doubts did arise such as when the microwave or VHS (I’m old I know) would get disconnected and I’d have to reprogram the time. …

Daniel Eduardo

Software engineering student, learning to walk into the awesome world of methods and loops

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